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Slotting machine Sachman Syncron 225

 7.250,00 ex VAT

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  • Centre distance: 
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  • Spindlebore: 
  • Travels XYZ: 
  • Spindeltaper: 
  • Spindelspeeds: 
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Slotting machine  Sachmann Syncron 225
Stroke max 225mm
Throat 400mm
Diam turntable 400mm
Slotting head can rotate 180°
Longitudinal  traverse 400mm
Transverse traverse  400mm
Strokes/min 22-45-55-75-110-150 through a gearbox
Powerfeeds backwards and forward
Electrical shut-off of the powerfeed
Motor 3-4,5 HP
Weight 1350kg
Some tooling
The machine will get cleaned and serviced


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