Used machinery dealer
Since 1998

We sold the following machines a.o.

Abene VHF3
Abene VHF2
Aciera 22VA
Aciera F3
Aciera F4
Aciera F5
Alzmetall AB35S
Alzmetall AB35 HST
Alzmetall AR3/ESV
Alzmetall AB4 SV
AI Hembrug DR1
AI Hembrug DR133
AI Hembrug Ergonomic
Bechler CF
Berico UVO3
Bewo CPO 250
Bewo CPO 315
Behringer HBA340
Burgsmüller L3
Burgsmüller L3 min
Cabe 200ST
Cabe 250ST
Cabe 260ST
Cabe 400ST
Cabe 450ST
Cabe ST220
Cams 200SAC
Cazeneuve HBX360
Cazeneuve HB 575
Cazeneuve HB500
Colchester Master 2500
Correa F1U-E
Cristen Perrin UO-A
Christen UOA
Cincinnati Chomienne M127
Cyclematic CTL-618EM
Dr Hch Schneider GMbH & Co PMP 600.
Danobat CR-260
Deckel 6018
Deckel FP1
Deckel FP1-2102
Deckel FP2
Deckel FP2L
Deckel FP3L
Deckel FP3
Deckel FP4
Deckel FP4M
Deckel SO
Deckel SOE
Deckel S1
Dr Hch Schneider GMbH & Co type PMP 600.
Emco 17D
Emco 17S
Farman FC32A
Fasti 1270×3.5
Fuji Robocell TN-25TL
Graziano SAG12
Graziano SAG 14
Graziano SAG 180
Hahn & Kolb WS54
Hahndorf SEP/32
Hauser S3
Heckler & Koch AM443
Heckler & Koch AM442
Hardinge HLV- H
Hardinge KL1
Hermle UWF 801
Hermle UWF 800
Hermle UWF 802M
Ixion BS30
Ixion TL500
Ixion TL500 SVA90
Ixion TL600 SVA90
Jaespe W320G
Jaespa Concept 240GT
Jones & Shipman 1311
Jones & Shipman 1314
Jones & Shipman 540
Jörg 3401
Jörg 3944
Jörg 4002
Jung F50
Jung F40
Jung HF50RD
Jung JF415
Jung JF525
Kart E3N 01
Kasto HBA 360 AU
Kasto HBA 360/600 U
Kasto SBH400
Kellenberger UR125x600
Kellenberger 57W
Kikinda BG01
Lambert 68
Lambert 82
Macc 360A
Macmon M100
Macmon M200B
Maho Graziano GR100W
Maho MH300
Maho MH300P
Maho MH400P
Maho MH600P
Metba MB1
Metba MB3
Meteor ME14
Mikron 102
Mikron 102.5
Mikron 102.5 MPS
Mikron 102.3
Mikron WF1
Mikron WF2
Mikron WF3DP
Mikron WF3
Mikron WF3SA
Mikron WF31SA
Mikron WF2SA
Millutensil BV24
Millutensil BV26
Mossner Record SM320
Mössner Record SM420
Mössner Record SSF420
Mössner Record SSF501
Mössner Record SSF950
Mössner Record SSF1050
Perini P250
Perini CMP200
Perini CMP250
Promecan PPH 25.12B
Prvomajska 6-06VS
Prvomajska ALG200B
Rusch 420A
Saacke UW II
Sachman Syncron 225
Schaublin 70
Schaublin 22
Schaublin 102
Schaublin 102NVM
Schaublin 102VM
Schaublin 125
Schaublin 13
Schaublin 135
Schaublin 160
Schaublin 213
SIP MUL 1000
Sixis 103R
Sixis S 103R
Sunnen MBB 1660
Thiel Duplex 159
Thiel Duplex 155
Thiel TH140
Thiel TH150
Tos FN20
Tos FN32
Tos SN40
Tos SN50
Tos SU50AT
Urpe M300
Urpe MN300G
Urpe M200
Vigel M65/T
Wagner WHS400A
Webo Varia 32
Wendt WLM20/11SP
Weiler Ergodor
Weiler LZ330
Weiler LZ220
Weiler Primus
Weiler Praktikant
Weiler Praktikant 160B
Weiler Praktikant 180B
Weiler Matador
Weiler Condor
Weiler Condor 81
Weiler Commodor
Weiler DA 210
Weisser Heilbronn Goliath
Wohlhaupter UPA 2
Wohlhaupter UPA 3
XYZ SM2000

About us

Veltman Machines, founded in 1998, has developed itself over the years into a dealer of used conventional metal working machinery of all kinds.
Veltman Machines is specializing in the most reputable machinery brands. Our largest revenue is generated in milling machines and lathes of German and Swiss origin brands like Deckel, Maho, Schaublin, Mikron, Hermle, Aciera, Sixis, Weiler, Graziano and Hardinge. Lately, we also focus on slotting machines of mainly Italian origin like Cabe, Perini, Sachman, Cams, Bacri and the Spanish Urpe. Furthermore in gear hobbing machine like Mikron, Lambert, Pfauter.
In 2006 we moved into our current warehouse, where we have 450m² available to show and demonstrate all our machinery.
There you can, while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, take a look at our offer of used machinery. Even outside normal working hours that is no problem. Call or send us a e-mail to make an appointment.
Our background of maintenance and special machinery enables us to provide you with sound advice with regard to production techniques.