Jung HF50RD 8
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Surface/profile grinder Jung HF50RD


  • Manufacturer: 
  • Type: 
  • Centre distance: 
  • Centre height: 
  • Spindlebore: 
  • Travels XYZ: 
  • Spindeltaper: 
  • Spindelspeeds: 
  • Tablesize: 

Max stone dimensions 225x25x51 mm
Max grinding lenght 500 mm
Max grinding wide 200 mm
Max workpiece hight 280 – 300 mm
Spindle speed adjustable
Autofeed in the height and across
Digital readout Heidenhain 0.01mm accurate
Sine magnet
Paperband filter
Can be inspected under power
This machine is cleaned and serviced
Warranty: 3 months at our facility


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