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Toolroom milling machine Mikron WF3 SA

 17.000,00 ex VAT

  • Manufacturer: Mikron
  • Type: WF3-SA
  • Centre distance: 
  • Centre height: 
  • Spindlebore: 
  • Travels XYZ: 500-500-380mm
  • Spindeltaper: Iso 40
  • Spindelspeeds: 50-2240
  • Tablesize: 700x400mm

With angle table and tilting swiveling table
Quill Iso 40
Active digital readout Heidenhain TNC 114
Power feeds and rapids on all 3 axes
Coolant pump
With hydraulic toolclamping
With vice
With several toolholders, cutting tools and tools in a cabinet
Y.O.M. 1998
cleaned and serviced
Very nice machine



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