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Toolroom milling machine Deckel FP1 2

 4.250,00 ex VAT

  • Manufacturer: Deckel
  • Type: FP1
  • Centre distance: 
  • Centre height: 
  • Spindlebore: 
  • Travels XYZ: 300-150-340mm
  • Spindeltaper: Iso 40 S20x2 Horizontal MK4 S20x2 vertikal
  • Spindelspeeds: 40-2000
  • Tablesize: 260x600mm

Tilting swiveling table
Some tools and toolholders
Motor 1.1 -1.3 Kw 3ph 220volt
So with a suitable VFD it can run on domestic 1Ph 220volt
Most FP1 cannot because these are 3phase 2speed motors only 380volts
This machine is cleaned and serviced
Warranty: 3 months at our facility



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