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Die & Mould spotting press Millutensil BV26


  • Manufacturer: Millutensil
  • Type: BV26
  • Centre distance: 
  • Centre height: 
  • Spindlebore: 
  • Travels XYZ: 
  • Spindeltaper: 
  • Spindelspeeds: 
  • Tablesize: 

Clamping force max 30 ton adjustable
Clamping surface 980x850mm
Distance between plates min and max 320-920mm
Hor stroke of the lower plate700mm
Rotation upper plate360°
With ejector cilinder 4ton max
With waxinjection device
Addidional hydraulic valve for auxillary cilinder
With CE
YOM 1998
Weight 3000 kg
Dimensions for transport 1700x1850x2500mm


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